Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Oh hi, hello!

It is March (how) and I have a mere month of school left to go which feels very !!!

I've been a bit ravenous with finding things look at to inspire me to finish up my projects/distract myself from finishing aforementioned projects, but luckily there have been so many good things going on lately - keep it up, 2015.

Design-y Things:

My spirit colour
I recently went to Chicago and indulged in some Shake Shack - also enjoyed this article on design + fast food.
Smitten with Julia Hastings' design for Akademie X which she also illustrated.
If You're Reading This It's Too Late type plus Carl Wilson on Drake - I feel u, Lorde
Japanese Candy Design
Chanel Couture 2015 set design - I could live in that greenhouse.
yep, The Graphics Were The Best Part of the Oscars
COS Magazine
Typeface mechanics
What advice would you have for a graphic design student?
These are rejected works? Good luck, everyone.
Thankful for Ladies Who List Things:

Miss Moss's Mid Week Distractions, always on point.
Magic Surrounds on natural care & beauty and making lunch.
Read through nearly all of Into Mind the other week - very into this list on how to de-stress
Ana Kinsella, a week's clicks 
Jessica Hische FAQs

Good Things: 

Finally got around to reading Wendy - here are Some Inferences Regarding Wendy and Shoes
Who knows if this is real but either way it is the perfect way to handle commuter harassment
The Last Saturday by Chris Ware
Saving Broad City Season 2 as a reward for finishing All of The Things - very excited.
"Here is the darkness. Here comes the light." Tilda Swinton at the Mark Rothko Chapel
Two Zadie Smith articles? Super spoiled - Life Writing and Brother from Another Mother (K+P 4 evs)
Listening to this and then reading this. Tink reminds me of being in grade 8 and living for a song. 
Dream Things:

Things to Work On:

How to Get a Job (Cosmo, I know - but pretty good!)
(avoiding) distraction
A Thing That I Never Knew That I Needed:

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