Wednesday, 24 December 2014

1. birthday flowers
2. Richter Catalogue cover

School has wrapped up for the year and Christmas break is just a day away. I'm looking forward to strolling through my hometown, catching up with friends and family and of course, binge-watching a bunch of TV and curling up in bed under a pile of books and magazines:

To Watch:

To Read:

& the pile of magazines by my bed:

And YET I still have my eye on (I have a problem):
Lately loving: 

  • Masako made the excellent suggestion of watching the High Maintenance, Rachel episode which I loved. The Rachel Comey wardrobe is so good and I'll always have a soft spot for Matthew Crawley.
  • Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere but I felt a wave of nostalgia for living in England watching this video.

3. Sign on my street

Wishing you the happiest holiday & new year!