Sunday, 6 January 2013


I really love books but I try (key word being try) not to buy them for a few reasons such as:

i. There are buildings filled with free books mere steps from my work and home and I like to support them
ii. I have enough stuff! If I do buy books I try to pass them on so that I won't sound like this

But I do make exceptions for:

i. Books that I really want to read with library hold lists over 200 people long
ii. Exceptionally lovely books, mainly of the pretty picture or art variety
If I sound uppity rest assured - rules gets thrown out the window when it comes to magazines. I love magazines. Library selection is so-so and they don't hold up that well in the public sphere, many a time I've opened up a library magazine to find that someone has torn out pages - how cruel! These are my favourite ones:

  • The Gentlewoman - London based lady counterpart to Fantastic Man, hands down best presentation, loveliest editorials and interesting interviews with interviewee types you don't always see
  • Lula - the girliest, prettiest magazine out of the U.K. 
  • The Plant - Barcelona-based, plants, gardens & nature galore ;)
  • Apartamento - Appeals directly to my curiousity about other people's houses & possessions - photos of real life, non-staged homes of creatives
  • Self Service - I bought my first issue of this magazine (which is bound like a book) last month and while I really liked it I don't know that I can justify the price ($50 CDN), good thing they have lots of content on their website
  • Gather - the best food staging & photography that I've ever seen


  1. Jill, you are the cutest. I have always wondered about you - Do you subscribe? Or is part of the magazine thrill the shopping for them?

  2. RAP-T, I subscribe to some magazines and then buy the others, the *thrill* is definitely a part of it! Have you seen Lucky Peach? I can't remember if you & I talked about it but I think you might like it.