Thursday, 6 December 2012


Kaws in our room at the Ace Hotel Seattle

Tree of Codes

was very pretty to look at but like reading a long, winding poem

Canadian Humourist

you da bess, Rodney Graham - I did a write-up on this show for the The Capilano Courier


I have always wondered if people see colours in the same way and yes I spelled it Colours even though it is technically called Colors

An Interview with Bernadette Pascua, one of my favourite illustrators

A reminder to draw and make more things

Guide to Hong Kong

Yum cha!

Not Tilda Swinton

Why do you insist on running with two legs? Do not believe the propaganda. Learn to run ferally, on all fours. Never be late again.

Grey Garden Sorbet

Please can I have an ice cream maker?

Cuadra San Cristobal


Lady Dior in Tokyo & Garance Dore's Career Feature

I want to go to there.

CFCF Slow R&B for Zellers Mix

For the title alone.

20 Things I Should Have Known At 20

I don't agree with everything but there are good points here - saving money & not being shy were big ones.

Totokaelo Bidness

On the one hand I wish we had a beautiful concept store like Totokaelo in Vancouver but on the other hand, it makes it that much more lovely to visit.

She's a Rainbow

I'm such a sucker for a send-off!

The Most Comma Mistakes

Also, puns

Respectful Yo Mama Jokes

Also, McSweeney's

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