Saturday, 24 March 2012


On the boat from Caticlan to Boracay
& my family on White Beach
& patio view
& my brother, Marino
& Jules
& a mango margarita 
& a coconut souvenir

Boracay was incredible. When I went 20 years ago (from what I can remember which aside from wearing a bathing suit the entire trip, is not a ton) it was much less developed than it is today - now it's the most popular vacation spot in the Philippines and as a result it was teeming with tourists. Regardless, it was and remains the most beautiful beach I've ever been too with the softest and whitest sand and most stunning sunset ever.

Highlights included $3 hour long massages on the beach, a perfect afternoon ride on a sailboat, drinking the juice straight out of a fresh young coconut, snorkeling the coral reefs, a visit to Mandala Spa for the most luxurious evening I've ever had (complete with bats swerving in and out of our bamboo hut), a fresh seafood feast at D'talipapa and swimming in the crystal clear blue ocean - paradise!

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