Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Oh hi, hello!

It is March (how) and I have a mere month of school left to go which feels very !!!

I've been a bit ravenous with finding things look at to inspire me to finish up my projects/distract myself from finishing aforementioned projects, but luckily there have been so many good things going on lately - keep it up, 2015.

Design-y Things:

My spirit colour
I recently went to Chicago and indulged in some Shake Shack - also enjoyed this article on design + fast food.
Smitten with Julia Hastings' design for Akademie X which she also illustrated.
If You're Reading This It's Too Late type plus Carl Wilson on Drake - I feel u, Lorde
Japanese Candy Design
Chanel Couture 2015 set design - I could live in that greenhouse.
yep, The Graphics Were The Best Part of the Oscars
COS Magazine
Typeface mechanics
What advice would you have for a graphic design student?
These are rejected works? Good luck, everyone.
Thankful for Ladies Who List Things:

Miss Moss's Mid Week Distractions, always on point.
Magic Surrounds on natural care & beauty and making lunch.
Read through nearly all of Into Mind the other week - very into this list on how to de-stress
Ana Kinsella, a week's clicks 
Jessica Hische FAQs

Good Things: 

Finally got around to reading Wendy - here are Some Inferences Regarding Wendy and Shoes
Who knows if this is real but either way it is the perfect way to handle commuter harassment
The Last Saturday by Chris Ware
Saving Broad City Season 2 as a reward for finishing All of The Things - very excited.
"Here is the darkness. Here comes the light." Tilda Swinton at the Mark Rothko Chapel
Two Zadie Smith articles? Super spoiled - Life Writing and Brother from Another Mother (K+P 4 evs)
Listening to this and then reading this. Tink reminds me of being in grade 8 and living for a song. 
Dream Things:

Things to Work On:

How to Get a Job (Cosmo, I know - but pretty good!)
(avoiding) distraction
A Thing That I Never Knew That I Needed:

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

1. birthday flowers
2. Richter Catalogue cover

School has wrapped up for the year and Christmas break is just a day away. I'm looking forward to strolling through my hometown, catching up with friends and family and of course, binge-watching a bunch of TV and curling up in bed under a pile of books and magazines:

To Watch:

To Read:

& the pile of magazines by my bed:

And YET I still have my eye on (I have a problem):
Lately loving: 

  • Masako made the excellent suggestion of watching the High Maintenance, Rachel episode which I loved. The Rachel Comey wardrobe is so good and I'll always have a soft spot for Matthew Crawley.
  • Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere but I felt a wave of nostalgia for living in England watching this video.

3. Sign on my street

Wishing you the happiest holiday & new year! 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

To See

These incredible drawings by Evie Cahir

Pleasure Until Forever/Just Relax at Art Metropole

Design for Listen Up Philip by CHIPS-NY

Women Having a Terrible Time at Parties in Western Art History

Really love the design & branding for Glossier - some of founder Emily Weiss' inspirations here

Christophe Lemaire's super dreamy final collection at Hermès 
& an interview that he did with The Line

a bottle of nail polish that I drew for school

To Eat

Posting this as a note to self to make this -  raw raspberry "cheesecake"

Ha @ The Chicken Wing Boom, but honestly want to try this version of adobo wings

Also this jerk sauce by Kelis

And also this Rose Bakery breakfast

To Read

Find Your Beach by Zadie Smith

Marion by Emma Kline

Gallery Girls in Australia

Can't wait for my copy of A Piece Apart Gazette to arrive

Fell in big love with Gratuitous Type after finding it at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair - more on All Day Every Day

So many great bits in this interview with Lotta Nieminen - "you need to be emotionally connected enough to care about your work, but not enough to take things personally"

Really liking Ok Real

To Listen

Kindness Bedtime Mix

Love that Jessie Ware's first dance at her wedding was to No Letting Go

“There’s always something to do when you’re alone” seeing FKA Twigs in November 

Keep thinking about that Sottsass Phaidon book 

& these Waka Waka bookends (still)

& the toasted marshmellow at Earnest Ice Cream

also, thinking about a fiddle leaf fig tree.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Summer and school and life have been so super busy but it feels good learning new things and feeling able to do and make things that I couldn't a few months ago.

Lately, very inspired by the design work of:

& dreaming of taking a trip somewhere like:

and sitting down for a long time to read:

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

book list

 to-read book list covers

So I didn't make it to 52 books last year but it's a new year (and a half) right?

Book List 2013

This was like a YA adventure read - everything works out for them all of the time (spoiler!) but it was fun following along.

2. The Sartorialist: Closer - Scott Schuman                           

Who lets Scott Schuman speak/write/communicate? Because he always manages to make himself sound terribly pompous. The pictures though, as always, are great.

I wanted to like this so much more than I did. The concept is intriguing (how certain objects conjure up memories and meaning) and the physical book is beautifully assembled, but the writing was so disjointed. I found it hard to invest in the story and very difficult to connect with. Enjoyed the illustration in the book though.

It was good! It was HUGE and took a long time to get through due to my inability to cart it around everywhere. Would recommend reading this big old thing on an eBook though the 1Q84 is cover is a beauty.

5. Grace - Grace Coddington                     

Grace is incredible but she (I will give her credit for admitting) is no writer. She drops off a lot of tidbits without getting into detail ("oh and then we had a two year affair" - the end!) but then spends a whole chapter talking about her cats (which are great, but still!) A harmless, breezy weekend read about what you already knew - Grace is the best.

This is a book about people's favourite books (with illustrations) and I loved it.

7. Number9Dream - David Mitchell                        

I liked it but I still liked Mitchell's Cloud Atlas more, too bad that movie was such a disappointment.

Definitely one of the most fun books that I read this year. It was over the top but also really humorous. Don’t let the cover deter you, it looks like a Shopaholic book but it's worth it.

9. A Hologram for The King - Dave Eggers                            

I mean, it was fine but empty – I guess that was the point?

10. Vampires in the Lemon Grove - Karen Russell                            

A mixed bag of her short stories, but one that I liked overall. I think she is at her best when it comes to short stories (see: Swamplandia or don't)

11. The Vanishers - Heidi Julavits                             

Such a good concept (witch college!) and first half but the second part was a letdown. I like her prose though.

12. Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein                

Good but heads up there is A LOT of historical detail which isn’t always my cup of tea, but I liked the YA girl power message of it all.

13. What I Loved - Siri Hustvedt               

Parts were great but it didn't blow me away. Some of the descriptions of the art were overly long and though I really like art fiction, I just never felt that I got a solid sense of the art being made even though it was a big part of this book.

14. And The Pursuit of Happiness - Maira Kalman                            

Illustrated book about US government - I learned a lot! Which I forget now! But I still recommend it.

15. The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller                            

Best love story award 2013! Greek mythology with a twist on the Achilles + Patroclus relationship.

Short story collections are always a toss-up (see: above, Karen Russell) but some of these stories are stunning and stay with you long after finishing them.

17. The Property - Rutu Modan               

More straightforward than her other works - not very forgiving towards Warsaw though.

18. Everything is Perfect When You're a Liar - Kelly Oxford                          

Some parts were funny but some were like just reading e-mails from a friend who is pretty good at e-mailing.

19. Tell The Wolves I'm Home - Carol Brunt                        

Really nice YA read about different kinds of love, YA writers just nailing relationships in fiction these days.

20. A User's Guide to Neglectful Parenting - GuyDelisle               

Funny little cartoons about being a dad.

21. Building Stories - Chris Ware              

Incredible! So intricate. One of the most poignant things that I read (/looked at) this year.

Reminded me of Leanne Shapton's approach – very much enjoyed that in between story & art/picture book feel.

22. Beautiful Ruins - Jess Walter                              

Very glamorous and cinematic.  Some people complained that this was too "tidy" but I loved the tidiness! Sometimes it is satisfying to find out what happens to everyone.

23. The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P - Adelle Waldman                    

Good book about the Brooklyn literary scene, could relate to a lot in this about being a late 20s early 30s person but was also repelled by/eyerolled a lot of it, which I think was on purpose and very well executed. Protaganist is infuriating but also realistically drawn – everyone knows a dude like this.

24. Bobcat - Rebecca Lee                            

Short story collection, general theme of university/learning.

25. Ghostwritten - David Mitchell                           

Similar concept to Cloud Atlas but even more dense. There was always so much going on in Mitchell's books but I liked this one too.

26. Heads and Straights - Lucy Wadham               

A novella about the author's family life in Chelsea, London - loved it. Very British.

27. The Flamethrowers - Rachel Kushner                            

Feel like this was the hyped book of the year. I wanted to like it more than I did because the writing was great and there was some incredible phrasing - but the plot (if there was one?) was all over the place. Still enjoyed reading it and am still enjoy reading (the TONS of) articles about it as well.

28. Crazy Rich Asians - Kevin Kwan                          

Like a Singaporean version of US Weekly trying to pass itself off as cultural commentary. So much talk about designer labels/food and *drama*. Overall a goofy read that was a bit too long. Sold me on Singaporean food though.

29. Waterloo-City, City-Waterloo - Leanne Shapton                       

Great, as always - observations of people on the Tube. A bit confusing at first but then really enjoyed it – probably because this is what I do on public transportation too.

30. Americanah - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie                    

Written by "that voice on ***Flawless"- some parts were so good! The observations about race in America and the descriptive writing were especially fantastic. My qualm was that the protagonist was such an unlikeable character that it was hard for me to root for her, not that you always have to root for the character, but the ending left me indifferent.

31. Life After Life - Kate Atkinson                            

I enjoyed it, like a literary Groundhog Day pretty much - a life lived over and over again in different ways, a downer at times (she seemed to always be in every part of London that got hit by a bomb during The Blitz) but then so fun in other parts.

32. The Testament of Mary - Colm Tóibín                            

Good but too short. Would’ve liked more from angry Mary.

33. It - Alexa Chung                       

Oh Alexa, I thought you were better than this. Pretty but vacant. Tumblr in book form essentially and even then, there was barely anything to it. Could have done with a lot more sass.

34. A Constellation of Vital Phenomena - Anthony Marra                             

Fantastic and heartbreaking book about life during the war in Chechnya.

35. Night Film - Marisha Pessl                   

I couldn't put this one down, (the Gone Girl of 2013 perhaps?) there were so many twists! Overall very good follow up to STiCP which was also a very fun read.

36. Sunday Night Movies - Leanne Shapton                       

I didn't read it so much as look at it because it is all paintings but it is Shapton so obviously (ha) I really liked it.

37. Rage of Poseidon - Anders Nilson                     

Modern day updates on the gods of Olympus. Clever story but the best part is the physical book - illustrated in stark black and white silhouettes on an accordion style pull-out.

Reading Goals 2014

- Read a book a week (ha!)

- Finish all of the books & magazines in my house/on my library queue before I order/buy a bunch more that I can't wait to read this year including:
- This bookmark forever and ever - could not justify the cost but it would probably be the first thing I bought if I won the lottery

Happy Reading! Any & all reading recommendations always appreciated.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Life lately via Instagram

It always sneaks up like this and yet again - it's May. A very lovely start to one here on the west coast as well. I'm looking forward to spending more time outside, already dreaming of summer & picnics & the beach.

In other news, after a long break from school I am a student again and have just started a design program. April was a big month of adjustments and we are moving house at the end of May so it is looking like a busy spring. Lately loving taking homework breaks to read up on inspiring ladies:

  • Two interviews with Editor-in-Chief of The Gentlewoman, Penny Martin

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Excellent Acne stationary, Yang's dumpling napkin, drinking a salted cheese from Happy Lemon, Seven Monologues of Marshal Tie Jia Stories from Rockbund Art Museum, a Maglev train ticket and tea flavoured pocky (!!)

Happy 2014! I'm playing catch-up with this space (as always) but I hope that everyone had a wonderful end of the year and a lovely start to the new one.

In all honesty, compared to my preparations for New York I did very little planning for China. My main goals were to eat a lot of xiaolongbaos (henceforth, "XLBs"), wander around perpetually drinking milk tea (mission accomplished!) and to hang out with my little sister. To my surprise, I ended up completely falling for Shanghai. The city is so cosmopolitan and vibrant - it was as if you could see the city changing before your eyes. There was an incredible mix of European, traditional Chinese and [super] modern architecture and influence, shopping seemingly everywhere (luxury mall game on lock), support for art & culture, and the food - oh goodness. Shanghai is the future, you guys. 

Some Shanghai highlights (or Shanghailights, if you will):
  • XLB heaven - I mean, I'm not at a point in my life where I can eat at Ultraviolet or anything but I made the pilgrimage to Din Tai Fung in Xintiandi for their famous XLBs and drunken chicken (verdict: excellent service & perfect little dumplings) and Yang's for fried golf ball sized XLBs  - a completely different kind of XLB that I'd never had before (verdict: I went twice, they were so cheap & so good) I also lined up for the Nanxiang Steamed Buns but after DTF & Yang's they were sub-par
  • The food - specifically the aforementioned cheese tarts/egg tarts/salted cheese chocolate drink/milk tea - seriously, Vancouver - please can I have? I feel like these foods (with the addition of deep-fried XLBs) are just crying out for a food cart here at home. Preferably a food cart beside my house.

Entrance ticket to The Bottle Opener, Jiag'an Temple lions, I'm lovin' it in China, China heart sticker from Golden Week celebrations, sister sister pictures
  • Tianzifang - a touristy/artsy neighbourhood among the alleyways of traditional Shanghai houses with a stop at Cafe Dan for lemonade and Japanese cheesecake as recommended by Masako 
  • The Skyline - the view of the Pudong side of the The Bund from the roof of the Captain's Bar. China is so good at rooftop bars and outdoor eating in general.
  • People watching - sitting on a bench in Fuxing Park as the sun went down
  • Walking everywhere - I stayed mainly around the downtown core of Shanghai even though I know the city is massive. I saw bikes carrying crates three times their height weaving through traffic, swaying laundry hung out to dry on formerly spectacular mansions in the French Concession, and walked by line-ups for cheesecake weaving on onto the sidewalk.