Monday, 21 October 2013


1. my sister, Chantelle on The Great Wall at Jinshanling
2. sunset over beautiful British Columbia
3. probably my best trip purchase - Totoro neck pillow!
4. banana (the best one) and pineapple pies from McDonald's (they also had taro)
5. The Forbidden Palace in Beijing

6. Jingan Temple in Shanghai
7. painted flowers at the China Art Museum
8. Yu Garden in Shanghai
9. pretty garbage at Yu Garden
10. Li Liao at Rockbund Art Museum
11. so much Pocky (milk tea was the best one)
12. Kwan Sheung Chi at Rockbund Art Museum

13. Purikura ^_^
14. The Pearl Tower
15. Acne Store
16. koi at Yu Garden

18. hutongs in Beijing
19. so smoggy at The Summer Palace in Beijing
20. Beijing sidewalk snacks
21. fruit plants
22. Summer Palace shadows
23. a floor in Tianjin

24. Ghost Street for dinner on the sidewalk
25. 798 Art District 
26. yogurt milk <3
27. rooftop view of The Bund
28. Children's Palace potted plants
29. mall shrubs

I got back from China a week ago today and I already miss it.

Can someone please start serving salted cheese + cocoa drinks & cheese tarts in Vancouver? I will be your #1 supporter.

Lots more (/too many) pictures on my instagram.


  1. How do you get to go on all the trips?!

    1. NYC & China just happened to fall back to back (we got a crazy flight deal to NYC) - I wish I got to go on more trips! I'm going to have to ease up on my yoloing now.

  2. No, keep yoloing! I love your travel posts/pictures so much! China has never been at the top of my list, but it's definitely moved up after seeing all this.

    1. Thanks, girl! I love all of your travel pictures too. Are you coming back to Victoria for Christmas? If so, let's have tea <3

  3. My number one question is where did you get that totoro neck pillow because I need it.

    1. I got it at a mall filled with plushy things and phone cases underneath the People's Park in Shanghai!