Thursday, 15 November 2012


Lime Cream popsicle on Salt Spring Island

Gaia Repossi - dream wardrobe owner & creator of beautiful, thoughtful jewellery

Speaking of ideal wardrobes:  Theysken's Theory - A Tale of Four Cities & Vanessa Seward for A.P.C.

The home of Ai & Cedric Bihr in LA + their Band of Outsiders lookbook

How To Make It in the Art World 

Two Ruschas up for auction that would make a nice pair on my wall - 1, 2

HULK vs. The GIRLS Criticism

I will probably never do this, living mere blocks from both Kirin and Sun Sui Wah, but I very much like the idea of it: DIY Dim Sum

I did, however make this: Smitten Kitchen Spring Salad with new Potatoes

+ I most definitely Sherlocked

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