Sunday, 19 August 2012



Catch-up time! Some things that I liked in early spring:

Q&A at one of my favourite restaurants in Victoria, Brasserie L’École

Clarisse Demory's home in Bulgaria 

On girl crushes, 1 & 2

Speaking of girl crushes - Fashion vs. Apparel by Stop It Right Now 

I've always wondered about working at a place like this: On the Market by Alice Gregory in n+1

In Defense of Liz Lemon 

Common Cooking Mistakes (so necessary) 

Something I'm constantly trying to do with very mixed results - Get Things Done
lemonade ice cubes (relevant!)

Like, literally - young women are often trendsetters in vocal patterns
Paris, I'm coming for you - the Acne store in Le Marais
Ashley Helvey's Guide to Seattle 
Hennessy Youngman 
Jules Andre-Brown's Guide to Vancouver

+ a walk through Strathcona with pals, cherry blossom beginnings, jade nails and pineapple poppyseed gelato at La Casa Gelato

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